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The Best Guide to Problem Solving Ever Developed

Explains easy-to-follow stages and ingredients of problem solving for all fields based on the scientific method.

Hello! Welcome to Norm Edmund’s www.problemsolving.net

My goal is to provide the best site on the Internet for up-to-date, accurate information on problem solving. It includes a 32-page illustrated booklet on the stages, ingredients, and principles of problem solving. To understand this site, knowledge of mathematics is not required. This site is new in August 2006.

It’s great that you are interested in problem solving. It can make a big contribution to your success and happiness in life. Managers in all domains are learning more about problem solving to keep ahead of the competition. Employers are asking for and are eager to hire people who are good problem solvers and decision makers. Report after report on education reform mentions the value and need to train people in problem solving, yet it is inadequately done.

  • This site is for open-ended, complex, ill-structured, real-world problems.
  • If you are interested in closed-end, textbook problems, puzzles, exercises, game theory, or prefabricated problems, click here for my page on other recommended sites.

Certified Reliable Knowledge in Problem Solving

I was the founder and former CEO of Edmund Scientific Co. for 35 years before beginning my second career as an educational researcher.

I certify without any legal obligation that I have specialized and spent full time for more than 17 years on problem solving and decision making via the scientific method and on the need to include it more adequately in education. The body of knowledge about problem solving is huge and complex. However, I have tried hard to extract the basic principles of the foundation of problem solving. I also certify that the SM-14 formula for the stages and ingredients of problem solving presented here is the best ever offered.