Problem Solving Activity

Center Activity Around Problem Solving Worksheets

Problem Solving Activities

Problem solving games, puzzles, computer programs, problem solving exercises, problem solving tests, and other activities are used in teaching problem solving. These are helpful, but one problem solving activity really stands out as superior now that the SM-14 model formula for real world problem solving is available and the problem solving worksheet based on it.

Use of SM-14 Problem Solving Worksheets

Here are just some of the advantages of using the worksheets:

  • Students actually get experience of real world problem solving

No games or puzzles are involved except the puzzle of how to do real world and real life problem solving.

  • Students can be allowed to choose their own problem

Many studies have shown high student interest and motivation results when students or trainees are allowed to work on problems of their own choosing.

  • Students or trainees learn the correct mental steps or stages of problem solving

By following the problem solving worksheet of problem solving guide they learn the correct course for real world problem solving.

  • Teacher or trainer has an easier grading job

The problem solver submits a summary of his or her problem solving answer on the problem solving worksheet. This makes the grader’s job much easier and more reliable.

  • Large body of knowledge available about each step or stage in problem solving

In the last century a large body of knowledge has been developed about each step or stage of problem solving. This helps the student or trainee to do a good project.

  • Group problem solving or team problem solving

Form enables unity of action when groups or teams do problem solving.

  • Using the SM-14 problem solving worksheets

The PDF file produces a 2-page problem solving worksheet. Coming up next is a 3-page version. By cutting, pasting, and copying, you can make these longer if you want to provide more work space. Or they can be shortened to make just a one-page worksheet for the short SM-4 formula.

Remember this is free problem solving material and you can alter it as you desire and print as many copies as you want.