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Compiled and Written by Norman W. Edmund

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Problem Solving Made Easier - This Site Covers in a 48-page Guide:

  • The 11 Steps or Stagesof the complete method of creative problem solving
  • The 3 supporting ingredients, including problem solving techniques

In addition, it covers:

Problem solving strategies
Group problem solving
Management problem solving
Problem solving activities
Teaching problem solving
Problem solving skills
Art problem solving  
Creative problem solving
Problem solving approach
Elementary problem solving
Problem solving worksheets
Problem solving lesson plans
And much much more
- all free problem solving 

It includes a series of Research Reports - Supplementing this Guide: See menu.

  • This site is for open-ended, complex, ill-structured, real life problem solving.
  • If you are interested in math exercises, closed-end, textbook problems, puzzles, game theory, or prefabricated problems, enter "math problem solving" in your search engine. But remember, you should also learn the problem solving method for complex real world problems (sm-14).

Provided here free- The Most Practical and Easy to Understand and Helpful Information on
Problem Solving Available Anywhere for Most Problem Solvers

Certified Reliable Knowledge on Problem Solving

I was the founder and former CEO of Edmund Scientific Co. in Barrington, NJ for 33 years before beginning my second career as an educational researcher. From this first career I gained practical, real world experience in a wide variety of problem solving and decision making.

In my second career as an education researcher, I have specialized and spent full time for 20 years on problem solving and decision making via the scientific method and on the need to include it more adequately in education. The body of knowledge about problem solving is huge and complex. However, I have tried hard to extract the basic principles of the foundation of problem solving. I acknowledge my indebtedness to our academic community and others who helped accumulated this knowledge. I certify without any legal obligation that this site contains reliable knowledge on problem solving. I also certify that the SM-14 model formula for the steps or stages and ingredients of problem solving presented here is the best ever offered.

However, while I like to believe that I am an expert in my area of specialization, there are many features of problem solving that have been made a science or little science. I am not an expert on all of these; I may cover many of them lightly but not in detail. A few examples of these are artificial intelligence, modeling, mathematical problem solving, problem solving games and puzzles, cognitive behavioral psychology, etc.

Free  Problem Solving- no copyright claimed on material on this site

To promote the use and teaching of the scientific method of problem solving and decision making and to improve good judgment, I proclaim my writing here to be in the public domain. Please link your site to this one to improve the nation's research problem solving, decision making, and good judgment. This will help prevent unnecessary wars, economic bubbles,  and other major decision making errors in business, politics, society, and personal lives. For more information, contact me at

There Is a Great Need for a Foundation Devoted to Problem Solving and Decision Making

In Decision Making (1982), Nobel Laureate Herbert Simon says:

"Although a number of projects have been and are funded by private foundations, there appears to be at present no foundation for which decision making and problem solving are a major focus of interest."

Here it is 28 years later, and we still don't have a foundation to fill this need. The economic housing bubble of 2008 is just one of the important harmful results of inadequate problem solving. In February 2010, I hit 94 years of age. There is a need for a foundation devoted to decision making and problem solving to continue and expand my efforts. Please spread the word about the need for a foundation.

How much a foundation spends is not usually a measure of how much good it accomplishes. Problem solving and decision making improvement by millions of people could cause a tremendous contribution to making America and the world a better place to live. Therefore, I claim that a foundation devoted to problem solving and decision making endowed with just millions of dollars could equal what a foundation endowed with billions will accomplish. Thus, the biggest bang for the buck.

"Defective problem solving is the cause of all disorders in the world."